Earthquake Emergency Plan


Loss of lives and casualties are the main concern of all government agencies involved in disaster management. Pre-emptive evacuation has been the thrust of the government to save the lives of those that will be affected by the incoming disaster , but no matter how the government acts there are still those that are affected and need to be rescued. The efficiency of doing response during disaster relies on the timely and organized deployment of search, Rescue and Retrieval teams. The assistance given by the SRR teams during disaster and retrieval operations during post disaster are critical services that are needed to further minimize loss of lives and casualties.

In our barangay , particularly in our small village , we have had a chance before the pandemic to join the city wide earthquake drill ( Memorandum circular order no. 043-S - 2017 ). Our village identified evacuation areas for particular homes to go to when an earthquake happens. From the memorandum we are to follow the mayor’s directives. In case of this incident we are to directly report to our barangay kagawad in our village . For affected houses , an evacuation site that is the former school My lamp Academy will be used as the evacuation center. Each household is required to prepare their “go bag “ with the necessary supplies . Gathering of goods and distribution will be done by remaining board members of the village. Each household should have a representative for the clean up drive of the village.

Typhoon Emergency Plan

As a response to typhoons , barangay members are in charge of checking and rescuing individuals especially those near the creek area as this is prone to increase water level that may be a result of typhoons. Specifically in our village , the AVHA board members have assigned evacuation areas where rescued individuals may be relocated. Members of the board are responsible to contact other agencies if needed.

Interview with board member Arcontica Village Homeworkers Association.